Read Jesus as you read Homer

Origen asks Greeks to read the Christian Scriptures as they read Homer …

He who approaches the stories (i.e. Homer’s etc.) generously and wishes to avoid being misled in reading them will decide which parts he will believe, and which he will interpret allegorically, searching out the intentions of the authors of such fictions, and which he will refuse to believe and will consider simply as things written to please someone. And having said this, we have been speaking, in anticipation, about the whole story of Jesus in the Gospels. We do not urge the intelligent in the direction of simple and irrational faith, but wish to advise them that those who are going to read this story need to be generous in their approach and will require a great deal of insight and, if I may call it that, power of penetration into the meaning of the Scriptures in order that the intention with which each passage was written may be discovered.

Consider the scriptures like Homer, a high bar then and also a way of reading. Not all is on the surface. Take nothing on faith. After all, you are intelligent. Very Greek. Hardly Christian.

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