The end at the beginning

The last of the Trojans must flee …

Now that it pleased the gods to crush the power of Asia
and Priam’s innocent people, now proud Troy has fallen -
Neptune’s city a total ruins smoking on the ground -
signs from the high gods drive us on, exiles now,
searching earth for a home in some neglected land.

They regroup near Antandros, build and sail …

We labor to build a fleet - hard by Antandros,
under the heights of Phrygian Ida - knowing nothing.
Where would destiny take us? Where are we to settle?
We muster men for crews. …
launch out in tears and desert our native land,
the old safe haven, the plains where Troy once stood.

From where? Antandrus, south, shielded from Troy by Ida, near the wood they needed for those boats …

Antandrus, with a mountain above it, which is called Alexandreia, where it is said the contest between the goddesses was decided by Paris; and Aspaneus, the depository of the timber cut from the forests of Ida; it is here that wood is brought down and disposed of to those who want it.

And yes, from right under the mountain where Paris judged divine beauty and brought their ruin! The last Trojans left from where all their troubles began.

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