The luckier sex

Zeus was drunk and happy.

“You women get more from Aphrodite than we do”, he said to Hera.

She denied it and both agreed to ask Tiresias his opinion. That wise man knew both sides for he had been made a woman for seven years for disturbing a coupling.

“Woman”, said this judge, “takes more. Of ten parts, man gets only one.”

For revealing this secret, Hera struck him blind. Zeus took pity on him and gave him the power to see the future.

The power of insight and the danger of women, all in one tale.

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  1. Kanagu Says:

    This society have many dieffrent kinds of people. And some of the people are selfish and egotism. I just can not accommodate to it. But in another side, they are challenge in my life. It’s con change me into a chariety and patient person. I could found I was dieffrent than before, I can tolerant of variety of bad things and human . At present I am just a college student, I will face more actuality in my future. In fact, there are many challenges to faced with, and this is life. I think there would be happiness and love inside challenges.

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