The color purple

The rare …

Concerning this I desire to say at least a few words. For you remember that there was in the Temple of Jupiter Best and Greatest on the Capitolium a short woollen cloak of a purple hue, by the side of which all other purple garments, brought by the matrons and by Aurelian himself, seemed to fade to the colour of ashes in comparison with its divine brilliance. This cloak, brought from the farthest Indies, the King of the Persians is said to have presented as a gift to Aurelian, writing as follows: “Accept a purple robe, such as we ourselves use.” But this was untrue. For later both Aurelian and Probus and, most recently, Diocletian made most diligent search for this species of purple, sending out their most diligent agents, but even so it could not be found. But indeed it is said that the Indian sandyx yields this kind of purple if properly prepared.

Only for princes and gods …

A certain man laid an information against his enemy, with whom he had a most bitter quarrel, affirming that he had been guilty of outrage and sedition; and when the emperor concealed his own opinion, he renewed the charge for several days, and when at last he was asked who the man was whom he was accusing, he replied, a rich citizen. When the emperor heard this he smiled and said, “What proof led you to the discovery of this conduct of his?” He replied, “The man has had made for himself a purple silk robe.”

And on this, being ordered to depart in silence, and though unpunished as a low fellow who was accusing one of his own class of too difficult an enterprise to be believed, he nevertheless insisted on the truth of the accusation, till Julian, being wearied by his pertinacity, said to the treasurer, whom he saw near him, “Bid them give this dangerous chatterer some purple shoes to take to his enemy, who, as he gives me to understood, has made himself a robe of that colour; that so he may know how little a worthless piece of cloth can help a man, without the greatest strength.”

and dangerous …

Wrapped in death’s purple by all powerful fate

You “assume the purple”, “wear the purple”, are “born to the purple”. Not a crown. Few ”laid down the purple”. Diocletian did. The only Augustus to truly retire. And Constantine did. In his last week, he wore the white of the new initiate of the Christian church.

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    just for the record: it’s not Deep Purple, but Pink Floyd, who puhselbid the Album The Wall’ (or am I mistaken? At least I never heard of a similar album from Deep Purple )Besides that: yes, the delimitations at the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border are hard to get to. Seems like an issue running in politics for eternity. And now with rising prices for everyday products such closed borders show their evil effects good that you shift our attention to that, I,Alexander

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