Build on this translation

Jewish wisdom was in their books. But only they knew their language and many of them, no longer in their land, were losing that as they adopted Greek. The Pharaoh of Egypt, himself Greek, wanted their wisdom in his great library. To make a translation, he requested seventy two scholars from the temple in the Jewish holy city of Jerusalem, six from each of the twelve Jewish tribes. In an island off his capital of Alexandria, these men were separated and kept separate while they remade the Jewish words into Greek. In the end, all of their translations matched exactly. Their work was inspired by God.

Soon all the Jews of Alexandria used these Greek words. “Christ” (“Khristos”) for “the Anointed One” and “Church” (“Ekklesia”) for assemblies of the people. From Alexandria, the work spread to other centers and then back to the Jewish homeland itself.

Later, after Jesus and his generation had passed, his followers wrote of him in Greek, drawing on that inspired Greek. One story told of Jesus sending out seventy two followers to preach in his name. Was that one for each translator?

And they would soon own this Greek, when the Jews chose to resurrect their own language. The work of the seventy, it was called. The Septuagint.

Without this Greek to stand on, would there have been a Church? How would the non-Jews have understood the Jews?

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