God’s fickle favor

In his history, Eusebius praised the two rulers of Rome. Government was preserved firm and undisputed for Constantine and Licinius, to whom it fittingly belonged, both advocates of peace and piety. Happy days under two God-beloved emperors, honored alike for their intelligence and their piety.

But then Licinius fell. This so fitting government ended. What happened?

Luckily for us, Eusebius updated his history. Licinius been seized by … madness, abandoned the imitation of good deeds. Now a hater of God, he was forming daily all kinds of plots, even persecuted the Christians and, finally, fatally, undertook an open war.

Of course, God was the friend, protector, and guardian of Constantine and so that most divinely favored emperor escaped the multitudinous plots of the abominable man and together with his son Crispus, a most God-beloved prince … recovered the East which belonged to them.

Oh Crispus, oh Crispus, how long would God love you?

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