Women will keep scratching

“So”, Aphrodite said to the hen, “could you please tell me how much food it would take to satisfy you?”

The hen answered, “Whatever you give me will be enough, as long as you let me use my feet to scratch for something more.”

“What about a peck of wheat: would that be enough to keep you from scratching?” 

“Oh my, that is more than enough food, of course, but please let me go on scratching.”

“Then what do you want to completely give up scratching?”

The hen paused and then made a full confession.

“Even if I had access to a whole barn full of grain, I would still just keep on scratching.”

Aesop’s fables are still known today, though not as Jesus’ parables and imagery are known. Bookstores have them in their Children’s sections, in picture books that have no bite. This one, jabbing at insatiable woman, doesn’t feature. Online too there’s only the positive [1] or the academic [2].

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