A Jealous god for Rome

God promised to clear a land for the Jews but he warned them. They were to make no treaties with the current inhabitants. Instead, they must destroy the altars of their gods, destroy their images. They must worship no other god, must avoid the temptation. “For the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous god”, he declared.

He said this through their leader, Moses, who he later decided would die at the land’s boundary. Moses had to be punished for he had claimed glory for himself, instead of giving all credit to God.

From now on, this was Rome’s god, a god more than willing to sacrifice his charges when they disappointed him. Should Rome be confident with this god as her protector?

Should people today? Many are [1] [2] [3]. Some play with the notion [4] [5], even turn it against God’s foes [6]. But there’s no fear. Gods don’t frighten now.

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